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Why should I use a Push Notification Service?

As web developers, we have come to expect services to offer HTTP interfaces. Well, Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) has no REST API. APNS speaks an encrypted async binary TCP protocol. That doesn't really fit well with the request/response cycle we are accustomed to.

There are plenty of libraries in your language of choice for talking to APNS. We've tried most of them. But when your app goes viral, be prepared to have all of these systems in place:

  • Background workers to maintain the connection
  • Records of all the devices you're notifying (and which ones opt-out)
  • Monitor the connection for errors
  • And retry-logic after an error occurs

Did you really plan on having all of that added infrastructure in your application? You shouldn't have to maintain all of that code for such a simple feature.

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What if sending Push Notifications was easy?

Want to send a notification to all your users? Use our /broadcast endpoint. Need to target a subset of your users? Use our broadcast endpoint along with our /subscription channels.

We've extracted all of the hidden complexity that is required to get the job done. We aim to provide the simplest API designed for web developers.

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  • Simple, documented HTTP API for Push Notifications
  • Persistent connections to Apple for highest quality-of-service
  • Guaranteed delivery with automated retry logic
  • Simple integration with your web app
  • Awesome support

We designed ZeroPush to be simple and powerful. We are keeping the service focused solely on meeting the needs of developers.

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Our goal is developer happiness.

By using ZeroPush, you don't have to worry about a system that should Just Work. No more debugging, hacking, and patching code that isn't your business logic.

Plans and Pricing

All plans include:

  • APNS Push for iOS, Mac OS X, and Safari
  • GCM Push for Android and Google Chrome
  • Full API Access
  • Certificate Monitoring
  • Simple Push Analytics
  • Error Detection and Reporting
  • Awesome Support
  • Production and Development Environments




Production Ready

Unlimited Devices

200,000 Pushes included
+ $0.09 /1,000 extra

6 Apps

Unlimited Broadcast Channels

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Max Power

Unlimited Devices

1,500,000 Pushes included
+ $0.07 /1,000 extra

32 Apps

Unlimited Broadcast Channels

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Power Plus

Dedicated Speed

Unlimited Devices

3,000,000 Pushes included
+ $0.06 /1,000 extra

32 Apps

Unlimited Broadcast Channels

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