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We strive for developer happiness.

After implementing push notifications for countless apps, it became clear that developers needed something better. We wanted to create a service that was both easy to use and robust enough to count on when it really matters. We built ZeroPush to fill that gap.

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  • Quick and secure setup with Apple.

  • Server Libraries for quick server side integration.

  • ZeroPush Cocoapod client side integration.

  • Maintains open connection with Apple during error cases or invalid tokens, ensuring delivery.

  • Send Push Notifications to your users from our web interface.

  • Well tested and documented platform.

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Get insight into how your users are engaging with your app via Push Notifications.
From an overview down to the details, you can explore all of the data we collect automatically.

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Getting started

3 steps to send your first Push Notification

  1. Configure your Push Notification Certificates from Apple.

  2. Include the ZeroPush iOS library in your app using our cocoapod.

  3. Use your language of choice to send a push notification.

    curl \
      -d "auth_token=your-auth-token" \
      -d "device_tokens[]=apple-device-token" \
      -d "alert=hello world" \
      -d "badge=1" \

See the Server Libraries for integration with your stack.