ZeroPush API

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ZeroPush provides a clean web-friendly API to Apple's Push Notification Service.

Key Setting up Push with Apple

In order to send Push Notifications with APNs, you must acquire a SSL Certificate from Apple's Developer Portal You will need to acquire certificates for both Development and Distribution environments, but you can get started with just the Development certificate.

SSL Certificates for APNs

Follow our Generating Certificates Guide for detailed step by step instructions how to acquire your SSL Certificate.

Terminal Installation

Server Side

For Ruby applications, the zero_push gem provides a convenient wrapper around the ZeroPush API.

$> gem install zero_push

If you're using zero_push in a Rails app, you can also run the provided generator.

$> bundle && rails g zero_push:install

For more information, check our server libraries guide.

Client Side

Add the ZeroPush client library to your iOS project using the ZeroPush-iOS cocoapod.

In your Podfile:

pod 'ZeroPush'

For more information, check our client libraries guide.

Code Examples

Sample iOS and Ruby apps integrating ZeroPush can be found on our github page:

Refer to our API Reference for more examples requests.

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