Apple touch icon 72x72 Migrating from ZeroPush

Automated migration to another push provider

These push providers are able to import your ZeroPush account export automatically.

Manual migration process


Download your account data

Use the export tools below to get your push certificates and/or your full export including all configured apps, device tokens, and channels.


Choose a new push provider

Integrate the new provider's SDK in your mobile app, while continuing to use ZeroPush.


Change your server to use your new push provider

Once your users have the new version of your app, change your server to use the new provider's API.


  • Why are there two separate downloads?

    Two separate downloads allow you to get your apps push certificates right away so that you can begin setting up a new account with your new push provider. The full data export may take a few minutes to generate and we want you to get up and running as fast as possible without having to parse the export.

  • Why would I keep the ZeroPush SDK in my app?

    You should continue to use the ZeroPush SDK and API as well as the new provider's SDK until most users have an updated version of your app. This should allow for a zero downtime migration. Once most users have the updated version, you can change your server to use the new provider's API and all users should continue to receive notifications.

  • How do I know when to switch the which API to use?

    As updated versions of your app are installed on user's devices they will begin registering their device tokens with your new provider. You can use the data export to fill in any missing tokens and switch your server code to use the new provider's API once most devices have registered with the new provider.

  • Where can I find my GCM push tokens?

    GCM push tokens are available in the full data export and on your app's settings page.